After speaking with the STL County Parks Department, we found out that the revenue from the Go-Ape tree-line adventure course WILL NOT go to the County General Fund. The money will stay in the Park Department budget. That information was from a newspaper article and we apologize for not double-checking before we posted it.

Also, please understand that MHRRG is not taking a position for or against the Go-Ape course. We are advocating for Public Hearings and the same chance for public debate that the users of Greensfelder Park had.

If you are looking for more information, here is the Go-Ape informational page that is posted on the STLCounty Parks' website.
It lists what the company will be paying to build in Creve Coeur Park and has a 'new course' informational brochure you can download. There are also links that contain letters from another Park and a "Park Friends" group that already have this  zip-line course set up in other states.

One piece of information that hasn't been in the news so far: In order for the Go-Ape course to be placed in the area by the old Trolley Station, the Parks Department will be moving the large Corporate Picnic shelter out of that portion of the park.
Currently, events in that shelter hold up to 500 people who mostly drive to the park in separate vehicles. The Go-Ape program is by reservation only: weekends it allows only 14 people per 1/2 hour and weekdays 14 people per hour on the course. 50% of their reservations are families who usually ride together in one vehicle.

Please direct questions about the ropes course to the St. Louis County Parks Department 314-615-5454. Direct questions about environmental/wildlife concerns with the course to the St. Louis Audubon Society 314-599-7390.


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