At the October 11 Planning Commission meeting, the commissioners will vote to approve or deny the Maryland Pointe development.  Or, they might ask the developers to "prove it" -- do a market study to prove if this floodplain retail development next to Creve Coeur Park is economically viable. 

Show up to this meeting to urge the commmission to VOTE NO on Maryland Pointe.  No matter how you slice it, this is the wrong concept for development next to Creve Coeur Park.

7 p.m. Tuesday, October 11
Maryland Heights Government Center
11911 Dorsett Road

Help pack the house!


10/12/2011 07:21

Senseless developments in flood plains needs to be stopped NOW. The antics of these thoughtless developers just highlight some of the major problems society is facing and why we have degraded ourselves to the point of not caring for our precious resources - especially our water supply. Why take away a wonderful food resource to build fast food places that provide minium wage jobs and enslave people in unhealthy environments. WAKE UP LEGISLATORS. You are elected to do the bidding of your constituents and they have clearly told you they do not want this development anywhere near Creve Coeur Park.


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