Developers of Maryland Pointe, in the front row, looked a tad uncomfortable when the audience stood to reveal through pictures the multitude of commercial vacancies already available in the area.
An overflow crowd with standing room only -- fueled overwhelmingly by people opposing the Maryland Pointe development -- filled the government chambers tonight.  A succession of area residents spoke passionately for an hour on why this development must not be allowed to proceed.

The highlight of the evening occurred when one speaker illustrated the amount of commercial vacancies already present in the area in a slide presentation, followed by a majority of attendees standing and holding pictures of actual buildings and "for rent/sale" signs to drive the point home.

Also noteworthy were the "boos" attracted by the developers' Armstrong Teasdale attorney when he implied the audience wasn't informed on the planning process.  In case he is confused or mistaken, hear this:  Yes we are.


Sue Moorman
08/24/2011 10:11

Our speakers did a great job last night. I thought the woman who talked about a farmers market, plant research center, etc., had some great points. What do we have to do to get Maryland Heights to amend/reconsider their Comprehensive growth plan? My husband is a lawyer and says it can be done, but he's not sure of the steps.

Thank you

08/24/2011 14:43

Congrats Again MHRRG! The Comprehensive Plan must be redone- it was written before we invented email (before iphones and Amazon, before laptops and androids, before Enron, Afghanistan war, 9/11, and Lehman Brothers, before the wall street crash and toxic assets) and it is based on assumptions that are outdated if they were even right in the first place. If the plan is the problem, pitch the plan. It's time to get it right. There is no prosperity in more office vacancies or retail vacancies or other such unsustainable nonsense.

08/27/2011 07:47

I started a facebook page dedicated to this issue. It is called Friends of Creve Coeur Park. My hope is this will be another way to get people together to share thoughts and strategies etc. Also, this is a place to celebrate the diversity of animals that use this wetland area. The page is brand new so give me a couple days to link up to this site etc.

Thank You,
Bryan Prather


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