The public hearing on the Maryland Pointe development has just been moved -- for the FOURTH time -- to August 23.  Hmmm.  Time to make a few calls to your city council representatives or other city officials and ask what the heck is going on.  Let us know what you find out, and we will do the same.


08/02/2011 09:13

I would like to sign the petition but I feel the wording is not clear enough that by signing it I am saying I am against the development. "WE DESERVE BETTER in our community" might actually mean I am in support of the development!

08/04/2011 19:14

We confess, if we were to write the petition today, it would be more clear. As it is, the petition is well-established (since 2008) as being against rampant commercial development near Creve Coeur Park. Your signature will not be interpreted any other way -- please sign on!

10/18/2013 08:44

Found this from the Weebly directory, great blog.


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