Many people do not know that Maryland Pointe, the soon-to-be-proposed development directly west of Creve Coeur Park, will obliterate Thies Farm, a beloved local landmark that has been our local farmer's market for decades.  Thies Farm is a fifth-generation farming operation that began in 1885.  Find out more here, including the fact that a St. Charles location was opened in 2010, no doubt in anticipation of losing their farm in Maryland Heights.  It doesn't have to be this way.  

See the exact location of the proposed development here.  This map is based on the proposal from Pacific Development, submitted to the City of Maryland Heights.  A copy is available upon request from the city, but they will charge you, about $27.  Alternatively, you can contact us if you would a copy of the development proposal -- for free.


Maryland Park Commerce Center
03/08/2011 05:49

3. Application 10-33/Maryland Park Commerce Center
Rezoning from “NU” Non-Urban District to “PD-M” Planned District Manufacturing for property located south east of Creve Coeur Mill Road and Maryland Heights Expressway, in the Howard Bend Planning Area. CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN

03/18/2011 18:16

Not sure what your comment is, but we should clarify that your post appears to reference Maryland PARK Commerce Center, and the blog post above is about the Maryland POINTE development. Both developments are active.

Which brings us to a pet peeve: why must so many developments around here include "Maryland" or "-port" in the name? It's confusing!


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