Time is running out!
 Wednesday night (6/12) is the last community meeting for the Dorsett Road Great Streets project. Attendance has grown at each meeting showing city officials that residents DO care about plans for our city.
If you haven't been to a meeting yet, come tomorrow and see what's going on. If you've already been, come and find out what the next steps are in this exciting project.

 The Dorsett Great Streets website has been very active!
 If you were not able to attend the previous community meetings, go to the website and take the survey on-line.  You can also post ideas that you have for improving Dorsett Road and vote or comment on ideas that other residents have posted. Make your voice heard!  

Next Dorsett Road Great Streets Community meeting is scheduled for Wednesday June 12th:

Maryland Heights Community Center
6:30 to 8:30 pm
2344 McKelvey Road
Maryland Heights, MO

Pass this news on to neighbors and friends!

Whether or not you foster fond memories of the Pasta House restaurant on Dorsett near McKelvey Road, you no doubt have noticed what an eyesore it has become since it closed.

Take heart:  the landowner there has submitted a preliminary development plan to raze the old restaurant and build a new multi-tenant building in its place.  No leases have been signed, but tenants could include something along the lines of an eye glass company, cell phone retailer and possibly a small restaurant.  On October 9, the Planning & Zoning Commission approved the plan with modifications, which primarily are aimed at improvements to the building's design features.

Another, perhaps greater, concern is how the new building will help or hinder the effort to move Dorsett Road toward becoming a "Great Street" (see post below), that is, more pedestrian and bike friendly with a unique character.  Merely replacing the Pasta House with a newer version of the same thing does not contribute to the city's own initiative to bring more distinctive character to the neighborhood.

Many buildings along the Dorsett/McKelvey business district are older and may come up for replacement at some point.  We should take every opportunity, including the one with the Pasta House location, to make sure we are creating the community and street-scape that we want, and not just perpetuating the past.

Join us this Saturday morning between 9:30 and 11:00 at the St. Louis Bread Company in Westport Plaza for the next in our continuing series of community meetings.  Our topic will be the ideas recently proposed by the City for future redevelopment of the Dorsett/McKelvey and Page/Bennington areas. 

If you were unable to attend the City’s open house that showcased different scenarios, this is your chance to view the plans and discuss your opinions.  What is the potential of these areas?  What businesses would you like to see attracted?  Do we need new residential options?  Should we have a town square?  We will have copies of the scenarios for you to review.

You can also view the planning scenarios online and comment (by May 10) by following this link: http://goo.gl/RbeH.  But then, the coffee and camaraderie might not be as good. ;) 

Join us the Second Saturday of every month to discuss the latest development news affecting life in Maryland Heights.