It has come to our attention that a letter sent by candidate Ken Gold to constituents in Ward 1 on Monday contains a number of falsehoods regarding Maryland Heights Residents for Responsible Growth and our activities on behalf of local residents. So let's set the record straight:

·         We are an independent organization led by residents of Maryland Heights. We are not outsiders or non-residents, but everyday people who own property and run businesses in Maryland Heights.

·         Our vision is to make Maryland Heights a better place to live by providing the residents of the city with an opportunity to make their voices heard.  We work with the city to improve the public engagement process with residents.

·         Maryland Height Residents for Responsible Growth sponsored a community open house with MODOT on February 17 at the Maryland Heights Community Center. MODOT briefed the audience on I-270 construction at the Dorsett and Page interchanges. The city’s public-works department discussed Progress Parkway construction and other Dorsett Road improvements. 

·         Our organization does not endorse candidates for political office. Our purpose is to provide non-partisan information regarding our community and its issues to encourage open dialog and independent decision making.

It is our hope that we can elevate the discussion of vital plans for Maryland Heights’ future through community conversation. The spreading of rumors and untruths serves no one who lives in the City of Maryland Heights. It only highlights the need for informed, responsible behavior on the part of our elected officials.