Maryland Heights Residents for Responsible Growth has been getting organized and regrouping for a busy new year.  We’ve created this website, updated our mailing list and established a community on Facebook. 

We’ve influenced the city to make significant upgrades to their website to better inform residents about community development actitivies and issues and, most importantly, we’ve pushed for resident meetings in all four wards. We’ve also provided guidance to the city on how to improve their public engagement plans around community development to better include residents in the decision-making process.

In 2010, we plan regular, monthly get-togethers so residents can meet each other, share information and concerns, and organize to make our voices heard. 

Our new logo represents what we’re about:  a forward-looking community that is friendly, green and connected.  Our vision is to make Maryland Heights a better place to live.  Our mission is to give residents a real voice in community development by preserving Howard Bend green space, revitalizing our neighborhoods, protecting our environment, and promoting public involvement.

We are resolved that 2010 will be a year of action, and we’re likely to get it. After a deep recession in 2009 that scuttled plans for commercial development in Howard Bend, we’ve already learned at least one project in Howard Bend is back on track, and another looms on the horizon.  To stay informed of developments, sign up for our email list and check this website for updates and meeting announcements. 

Email us your concerns.  Come share your experience or views over a cup of coffee.  We want to hear from you.  It takes all of us to create a better community.