Ward 2 has announced a resident’s meeting on Monday, November 9, at 7 p.m. in the Maryland Heights Community Centre on McKelvey Road. You do not need to be a resident of Ward 2 to attend the meeting; it is public and open to all. Please come and find out what is going on in your city. There’s a lot going on in Maryland Heights that residents need to know.

City council members Judy Barnett and Ed Dirck, who represent Ward 2, have said they will host a police officer and one of the K-9 units as part of the program. If you have questions about enforcement issues, this is your opportunity to ask questions and report neighborhood problems.

In our efforts to get city council members to begin holding regular ward meetings, we frequently heard that no one shows up for them. Ward 1 had 58 residents at its first meeting and put an end to that argument. Let’s show them that Ward 2 cares and use this opportunity to engage Judy Barnett and Ed Dirck in constructive conversations.

We hope they’ll update residents on:

• The Dorsett Road/I-270 intersection construction that will be starting in earnest after the I-40/64 project is completed in the next two months

• Sidewalk construction along Dorsett Road in Ward 2 and planned Creve Coeur Park bicycle/pedestrian improvements

• Updates on development efforts in the Howard Bend flood plain and the Crystal Springs development area

• Plans for construction of the Centennial Greenway trail for southern access to Creve Coeur Park

• The new timeline for public meetings and engagement in the Westport Planning Area in preparation for revisions to the Comprehensive Plan

• Status of proposed new bike trail from the Maryland Heights Community Centre to Creve Coeur Park

• Plans for installing a roundabout on McKelvey Hill Road

If any of these items are news to you, please connect with your Ward 2 representatives at the meeting and ask them what’s going on. You elected them and they are accountable to you. Our democracy depends on citizens who are engaged and active in their neighborhoods. We hope to see you there!