Some of you may have seen the new trailer by River Valley Drive and Maryland Heights Expressway.  This is a reincarnation of the Maryland Park development that many of you remember from lasts year.  This land has ot been approved for rezoning and as of yesterday (8/4/09), per the City and the developer, no application for development had been filed with the city as of yet.

But it's just a matter of time.  When fully developed as proposed, the Howard Bend area will more than double the amount of commercial development in Maryland Heights and be twice as large as Creve Coeur Park.  Concentrating efforts on the Howard Bend area will divert city resources from addressing the decline of the already developed and declining Dorsett and Westport areas.

The developers are not the problem here, it is the City's willingness to allow development here.  Call the Maryland Heights Department of Community Development (314-291-6550) and your City Council members.  Tell them that in Maryland Heights we value our farmland -- and farmers! -- and our open green space.  Tell them that we don't want a Boone's Crossing/Chesterfield Valley-type development in our floodplain.  Tell them to change the Comprehensive Plan so that no more large-scale development is allowed in the Howard Bend floodplain.

Decisions made now will affect the future of our city and the region forever.  If you won't speak up now, when will you?