Maryland Heights Planning & Zoning Commission meeting and continued public hearing regarding Maryland Pointe scheduled for June 28 has now been delayed/moved to July 12. This date has yet to be confirmed so please stay tuned for more information and developments!
Earlier this week Mark Wells resigned from the Maryland Heights Planning Commission.  With a 17% attendance record so far this year, and 60% or less attendance in each of the three prior years, Wells obviously has not been active.  Yet he has held the seat while someone with more interest and commitment could have, and that's a shame.

With the Maryland Pointe proposal in the Howard Bend area and other pending proposals, this is a critical time for planning in Maryland Heights.  We need all hands on deck with the Planning Commission.  The mayor will select a new candidate, who will require approval by the City Council.  In our view, the new commissioner should be someone with a big-picture perspective and a capacity for dreaming.  The ins and outs of zoning code can be learned over time; what we need is a visionary and creative thinker who can link national trends and ideas in land use with all the possibilities Maryland Heights has to offer.