After years of rumors and delays, a development that would bring large-scale, big-box development to Creve Coeur Lake’s western border is back.  Maryland Pointe, LLC has submitted a conceptual development plan to the city of Maryland Heights that envisions “regional retail” on 191 acres.  In shorthand, this development would plop a Chesterfield Valley type of development within yards of Creve Coeur Park.

What’s the problem?

1.       Loss of local farms and farmland—this development will REPLACE Thies Farm in Maryland Heights, for decades the type of farmer’s market that other communities envy.

2.       Increased traffic will bring more stoplights on Maryland Heights Expressway, defeating the purpose of an outer highway ring and bringing us congestion such as on Hwy 94 in St. Charles County.

3.       Increased light, air and noise pollution will seriously affect the park experience, not to mention health and safety, for humans and wildlife. 

4.       Building large-scale developments in a floodplain is bad for the land and bad for taxpayers, who eventually have to bail out flooded properties.

5.       There have been no economic or environmental  studies to determine if this would be a sustainable development.

Economic development is good, but this proposal is not.  It’s not good for the city, the residents, or anyone who enjoys Creve Coeur Park – St. Louis County’s most popular park, with more than a million visitors each year.

 Will big boxes bring blight to Maryland Heights?  Only if you say so.  Come to hear the developer’s proposal on April 26, 7 pm, at the Government Center.

See the Maryland Pointe conceptual development plan.

See the city’s review of the Maryland Pointe plan.